Latest Version: 3.0b

About the XimpleMOD project

XimpleMOD is an open-source is a free & priceless module player for Mac OS X, which is able to play module files.

XimpleMOD main window

XimpleMOD Player supports IT, S3M, XM, MTM, MOD, UMX and MO3 formats and uses the high-quality BASSMOD library.

It features playlist, channel volume editor, instruments panel, information window, sound customization options, and much more.

It runs natively on Mac OS X PowerPC, no extra libraries are required since XimpleMOD auto-embeds all what it needs.

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Special Thanks

Thanks a lot to Alexander Matchugovsky for making an icon to XimpleMOD and idea contributing!!

Project History

This project began on November 2004 as an attempt to make an Open-Source module player for OS X providing high-quality output using BASSMOD library.

It was called originally Cybermill Tracker Player, but name was changed to XimpleMOD because there were several apps and resources on the Internet with these name.

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