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Main Window:


Subsongs panel overview

One single module file may contain more than one song inside! This panel allows you to navigate through the subsongs of a song:


Playlist panel overview

XimpleMOD allows you to play a selection of module files in alphabetical order, automatically.

Check Select to select a folder which contains module files.

Uncheck Active box to disable the Playlist. The current song will continue playing but after its end no other file will be automatically picked.

The Current song display tells you the order number inside Playlist of the current song.

The First & Next buttons allow you to jump to the first/next song respectively in the Playlist.

If the loop box is checked, the Playlist will start again once finished.

In the PlayList window, you can browse through the songs of the current playlist. if a song is currently playing, you can change to anyother song in playlist by double-clicking it on the browser. See it in the screenshot

Settings Window

Settings Window

If the Force songs to stop when autolooped box is checked, XimpleMOD will stop automatically the songs which have an internal-autoloop, unless Repeat mode is enabled. This is automatically done in Playlists and this is useful to play the next subsong once finished the current part.

You can specify the sound-quality settings for the BASSMOD library here.

Click the OK button to save your settings. The options are saved for each user on the system, so you don`t need to reconfigure them each time you start the Player. Also you can use the default ones.

If you click cancel, they will revert to the last saved copy.

Channel Volume Editor

This drawer allows you to edit the volume of each channel of the loaded song. For a more comfortable editing, you can edit three channels you choose at same time!

Instrument enabling and disabling

You can enable or disable each instrument of a song individually! Also you have three "racks" on the window for enabling/disabling three instruments at the same time.

Information Window

Information window

Here you can see information about the current song, like the author comments or the tracker supposedly used to track the song.

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