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What are Module song formats?

A short description

Module tracks are music formats. They store the music score. Unlike MIDIs where the composer is limited to some standard instruments, in MODs instruments are built-in on module files.

Additionally, modules also feature samples which are raw sound-data used in a song, sound effects, etc.

There are many module formats, depending on the tracker used to compose the song. They are derived from old Amiga MOD format, there are IT (Impulse Tracker), S3M (Scream Tracker 3), etc. XimpleMOD uses BASSMOD high-quality playing library which supports IT/S3M/XM/MTM/MOD/UMX formats.

Module music is part of the demoscene net-culture. You can read a complete description of the demoscene on Russ W. Knize`s homepage.

What`s the MO3 format?

MO3 is a compressed version of a module song which have OGG/MP3 encoded samples.

XimpleMOD supports MO3 via the Ian Luck`s unmo3 program (packed in the default binary install).

See the MO3 official webpage

Where to Get Module Tunes

My favourite groups & artists. I generally discover them by casually or in archives:

Also you can take a look at these archives to find hundreds of songs:

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